Butterfly top

Posted by Carina Thavelin

A little bit inspired by Halloween and all the costumes that you see everywhere I got the idea of embroidering a butterfly.

In this case butterfly wings to add to an existing top for a little bit of costume but still something wearable every day.

Embroidery collection 367 is filled with butterflies in all kinds of shapes and colors; free-standing, outlines that can be colored, small large…


I chose the more graphic colors with black/white as a base but of course they can be embroidered in a more colorful way.

The base for this embroidery is an organza fabric with water soluble stabilizer underneath, so it does not take so long to embroider. Put them in luke-warm water for just a few minutes to leave some stability in the wings and leave them to dry.

I added them to a short sleeved top and got an instant personal touch!