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INSPIRA® Fuse N’ Tear Stabilizer

A temporary iron-on tear away stabilizer.

INSPIRA® Fusible “No Show” Mesh Cut-A-Way Stabilizer

A semi-sheer iron-on polyester stabilizer that is very soft yet strong.

INSPIRA® Fusible Fleece Speciality Stabilizer

Low loft fusible polyester fleece perfect for handbags, tote bags and purse projects.

INSPIRA® Hoop Template 120x120mm

Helps position embroidery perfectly.

INSPIRA® Hoop Template 260x200mm

Helps position embroidery perfectly.

INSPIRA® Hoop Template 360x200mm

Helps position embroidery perfectly.

INSPIRA® Lamifix Speciality Stabilizer

A fusible stabilizer that adds a transparent “wipeable” film to fabric.

INSPIRA® Leather Needles

The wedge shaped point specially designed to penetrate leather and artificial leather.

INSPIRA® Light & Soft Fuse-On Stabilizer

Provides permanent stability to delicate and hard-to-handle fabrics.

INSPIRA® Light & Tacky Tear-A-Way Stabilizer

Removable stabilizer with a revolutionary “paperless” sticky surface.  

INSPIRA® Magnets for Metal Hoop

Additional set of four magnets for creative™ Metal Hoop.

INSPIRA® Microtex Needles

Featured a very sharp to use to topstitch light-weight, tightly woven fabric.

INSPIRA® Overlock Needles

Keep your overlock machine stitches looking their best with these needles.

INSPIRA® Quilting Needles

Quilting needles have a special tapered point and light ballpoint to sew through layers and batting.

INSPIRA® Seam Ripper

Rips seams with ease.

INSPIRA® Stick-On Tear- Away Stabilizer

Has a sticky surface great for hoopless embroidery.

INSPIRA® Stitch Point Cut-A-Way Light Stabilizer

Used with unstable light weight fabrics such as knits, linen and fabrics with an open-weave.

INSPIRA® Stitch Point Cut-A-Way Stabilizer

Ideal for designs with high density and small stitch details.

INSPIRA® Stretch Needles

Have a special scarf to eliminate skipped stitches when there is flex in the fabric.

INSPIRA® Tear N’ Wash

A great backing for embroidery on towels, blankets and loosely woven fabrics.

INSPIRA® Tear-A-Way Light Stabilizer

Ideal embroidery backing for light to medium weight stable woven fabrics.

INSPIRA® Tear-A-Way Stabilizer

The perfect backing for embroidery on stable woven fabrics.

INSPIRA® Titanium Needles

Titanium coating improves needle wear and penetration of densely woven fabric.

INSPIRA® Top Stitch Needles

Very large eye on this needle makes it the ideal choice for topstitching with heavier threads.

INSPIRA® Twin Needles

Two separate needles mounted onto one shank for decorative sewing, top stitching and more.

INSPIRA® Universal Needles

Best for general sewing and a variety of fabrics.

INSPIRA® Water Works

A light weight water soluble film mainly used as a topper.

INSPIRA® Whisper Web Mesh

A semi-sheer polyester stabilizer that is very soft yet incredibly strong.

INSPIRA® Wing Needles

Wide wings on the side help to poke holes in the fabric when sewing entredeux on natural fabrics.

Invisible Zipper Foot

Easily sew a zipper that is hidden in a seam, becoming virtually invisible

Join & Fold Edging Foot for IDT™ System

Join edging, such as lace, embroidered edging or varying fabrics and beautiful 9mm stitches to create beautiful edgings

Join and Fold Edging Overlock Foot

Hem the fabric edge and attache lace at the same time.

Knit-Edge Foot

Simultaneously stitch and finish heavy knit fabrics or imitation furs with this foot

Lace Overlock Foot

Used for sewing lace or borders together or onto the workpiece.

Manual Buttonhole Foot

Sew your buttonhole manually in four steps.

Narrow Edge Foot for IDT™ System

Perfect for precision topstitching and joining lace and/or fabric edges together.

Narrow Piping Foot

Make trim for home dec projects, fashion projects or wherever you’d like to add a finishing touch.

Non-Stick Foot for IDT™ System

Perfect for sewing hard-to-feed fabrics  

Open Toe Free-Motion Foot

Wonderful free-motion sewing and quilting.

Open Toe Free-Motion Foot

Wonderful free-motion sewing and quilting.

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