Make way for a colorful summer!


Maybe you've got all summer planned for beach trips, pick-nick's and travels. Or you are just longing for relaxed hang-out's on the back yard. Whatever your plans, it's always nice to bright up the occasion with something personally made. Here's a few ideas including sewing instructions for a sun shade case, and a number of embroidery ideas that are rather quick to make.

If you want to bring your sewing projects to your vacation trip - make sure to check out the Passport™ 2.0 model.


Get ready for Bright Sunny Days!


Whimsical Chenille Case

Silky fringes created with the optional Chenille foot for keeping your shades protected

Sewing instruction!


Stunning needlecraft for a Marrakesh oasis

Blocks of Symmetry: Embroidery Collection 461

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Simplistic embroideries for lazy days by the pool

Floral Needlework: Embroidery Collection 453

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Japanese infusions for the beach house

Sashiko Style: Embroidery Collection 468

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Floral explosion for the playful patio

Garden of Appliqué: Embroidery Collection 476

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Enchanting quilting and felting creations for pick-nick’s

Embroidery Felting: Embroidery Collection 479


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passport™ 2.0

Compact/portable sewing machine. Perfect for taking to classes and for travel (lightweight: 13.9 lbs / 6.3 kg).


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