Back to work

Posted by Carina Thavelin

After three weeks of wonderful sunny holiday I miss my colleagues, and our sewing studio where it’s so much easier to sew since everything is right there. We have large cutting tables and several machines and overlock machines/sergers set up in different colors.

The picture above shows an experiment I did with an old embroidery hoop from a thrift store. The embroidery is from collection 453 Floral needlework and the crocheted flowers are from collection 431 creative Crochet. The font is from the software and called Curlew


During the summer I a got quite an unusual assignment; my brother needed a new zipper in his wetsuit. He was going to participate in a race where you run on islands and then swim to the next one and run there, swimming, running. So he wanted a zipper in the front as well to be able to pull it down when he was doing the running part.

I have changed zippers in many items before but never in a swimsuit. After googling how to use the special glue I was ready for the task.

It was a bit tricky but my PFAFF machine did a great job! When you sew in special fabrics like this, the IDT is really helpful. I even made inside pockets where he could keep his first aid kit. One of the requirements for the race. 

My brother was happy and that was the most important thing!