Vacation and UFO’s

Posted by Carina Thavelin

So this week I finally finished a dress that I started a while ago. My inspiration came from a dress from Anthropologie in graphic black and white. I used two similar fabrics, cut them in strips and sewed them together with a flatlock stitch on my overlock/serger. The flatlock stitch is a great way to decorate, especially with a heavy thread. Both sides of the stitch are beautiful and on my dress I used the ladder stitch side as the right side.

A nice and stylish way to finish the edges is by using a piping. My favorite right now is the Narrow Piping Foot. It’s so easy to create your own matching piping and it makes the edges look great.

I have a few more UFO’s (un-finished objects) lying around in my sewing room but sometimes they just need to lay there and for a while until the inspiration flows again.

One of the cool things about sewing, I think, is that you can buy the shoes and THEN sew the dress to match. A lot of my outfits have been inspired by a new pair of shoes, a necklace or other accessories.

I sewed a few more things this week so stay tuned…