1OAK bag

Posted by Carina Thavelin

One of the best things with sewing your own stuff is that the projects are "one of a kind". That's the reason for the letters on my bag. "1OAK"

I found some leather in the thrift store and gave it a go. My inspiration was this bag. A tote bag with a twist.

The bag is sewn from two squares of leather 50x35cm. First I added the text. It is a font created with QuickFont* in the 6D Software.  Arial Bold, Outline. I really like using raw edge appliqué.


*QuickFont is also included as a free download with purchase of our current embroidery machines.



To get the folded shape when you use it as a shoulder bag, I added the D-Rings for the straps 13cm down on the side. The handles are just two layers of leather sewn together with raw edges, 48cm long, finished size.

I didn’t bother with sewing the long strap, I took one from an old bag.

When sewing in leather it is important to use a leather needle it has a wedge shaped point that is specially designed to penetrate leather and artificial leather. Also use a presser foot suitable for leather like the Non-Stick Foot for IDT™ System IDT or the Roller Foot. I prefer the first one, because it's designed to be used with the IDT, that feeds from both top and bottom.

Try it! It's not that hard