select™ 3.2

Simply reliable sewing!

The select™ 3.2 delivers sewing advantages, ranging from durability to simplicity, that sewing enthusiasts worldwide endorse.

Key Features

The Original IDT™ System

Integrated Dual Feed only from PFAFF® for over 45 years! A PFAFF® exclusive feature that delivers absolutely even and perfect fabric feed with all types of fabric from sheer organza to thick layers of denim.


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Easy select™ System

Quickly choose the stitch by a press of a button. You can even combine them for more variety.

Constant Needle Piercing Power

Gives stitch by stitch control and full piercing power at any speed. Sews through multiple layers of quilt fabric, batting and denim.

LED Lights

Optimized bright lights illuminate the entire work area with no shadows.

Bobbin Winding

No need to unthread your select™ 3.2 sewing machine, you can wind bobbins directly from the needle. Winding stops automatically when your bobbin is full.

Projects & Inspiration

Adjustable needle positions

For exact placement of your straight stitch.

Hard Cover

Protects your sewing machine when transporting it; keeps it dust free.

Stitch width

Variable stitch width. Great for decorative techniques like appliqué or tapering.

Sew Slow

Set your desired speed for more control when stitching. Choose full speed or half speed with the slider on the foot pedal.

Extra slender free arm

The needle is close to the edge of the free arm for greater control when sewing. The slim design is perfect for sewing cuffs, necklines, hemming pants and more.

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presser feet

Standard Presser Foot with IDT™ system
Clearview Foot
Blindhem/Overlock Foot with IDT™ system
Zipper Foot with IDT™ system
Buttonhole Foot

other accessories

Edge Guide/Quilting Guide
Felt pad
Spool caps, small/medium/large
Extra spool pin
Seam ripper

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27 stitches. Including utility stitches, buttonholes, stretch stitches and decorative stitches.

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more to like

Clear 1/4 inch Right Guide Foot for IDT™ System

Designed to help you achieve perfect 1/4 inch pieced seams.

Quilted Sewing Accessory Bag

A durable nylon PFAFF accessory kit, is ideal for sewers to carry their favorite notions.

Free-Motion/Darning Foot

Perfect for sewing free-motion embroidery or darning.

Plastic Bobbins, 10-pack Blue

Your favorite blue bobbins for sewing, embroidering or experimenting with the creative™ Bobbin Case.