M.I. Hummel® - Exploring Collection: , #400
Item: 820680096
Designer: M.I. Hummel™

The first two M.I. Hummel™ Kits have been extremely popular and have been a great success. This fall we are proudly introducing the third creative Kit M.I. Hummel™ "Exploring". This kit has 10 gorgeous M.I. Hummel™ embroideries and includes the sewing instructions to make the beautiful quilt you see on the cover of the kit. The embroideries all feature 10 gorgeous M.I. Hummel™ kids exploring the world and discovering new things around them - they are simple irresistible!

As usual we have also included a full size booklet, CD, a numbered certificate and a thread kit. The thread kit can also be purchased separately.


Hoop Size (in mm)

  • 140x225mm

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