5 Groove Pintuck Foot part #820226096
specialty type: Decorative/Crafting Sewing, Heirloom Sewing, Home Dec, Quilting

You can easily use the classic Pintuck foot on cotton, lightweight wool or other fine fabrics. Create pintucks to add nostalgic touch to linens, cushions, blouses or childrens clothing.


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What's mine?
  1. Snap on the Pintuck Foot.
  2. Insert a twin needle - 5-groove: 2.0 twin needle.
  3. Thread the twin needle (see manual for threading tips).
  4. Using a water-soluble marker, draw a placement line for your first pintuck.
  5. Sew your first pintuck. When you start on the second pintuck, allow the first pintuck to run parallel in a groove in the foot. This will produce evenly spaced pintucks.

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