7/9 Hole Cord Foot for IDT™ System part #820608096
specialty type: Decorative/Crafting Sewing, Home Dec

Wonderful decorative embellishments are easy with this special foot. You can sew up to 9 different lengths of embroidery floss, pearl cotton or high sheen threads in place with your choice of a decorative or utility stitch.


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Except SMARTER BY PFAFF™ 140s, 160s

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How to use:

  1. Cut your cords to the desired length. Thread the cords through the holes in the foot from the top to the bottom. Lead the cords under the presser foot and out the back. Leave the threadtails extending about 1 1/2 inches to 2 inches (4-5cm) at the back.
  2. Attach the 7/9 Hole Cord Foot.
  3. Choose a decorative stitch to sew over the 7 or 9 cords.
TIP: Pearl thread or embroidery twist works well.

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