Adjustable Guide Foot for IDT™ System part #820677096
specialty type: Decorative/Crafting Sewing, Home Dec, Quilting, Utility/Garment Sewing

The Adjustable Guide Foot for IDT™ system guides your topstitching and decorative stitching perfectly. The presser foot has a “ruler” with an adjustable guide designed so you can place the guide anywhere you want.
Place the guide along an already stitched seam or against any edge to give you beautiful topstitching. Use both straight and decorative stitches. It is perfect for channel quilting too.


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How to use:

  1. Snap on the Adjustable Guide Foot for IDT™ system.
  2. Engage the IDT™ system.
  3. Select the stitch of your choice.
  4. Set the adjustable grey guide by moving it right or left along the “ruler”.
  5. Sew letting the guide follow your seam or edge or marking.

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