Right Edge Bi-level Foot for IDT™ System part #821007096
specialty type: Home Dec, Quilting, Utility/Garment Sewing

The Right Edge bi-level Foot guides your fabric with raised seams easily. The underside of the presser foot is designed to be higher on the right side, allowing it to glide along a folded edge or raised seam. Use the foot with straight stitch for perfect topstitching or edgestitching on pockets, collars, bindings and more or select a decorative stich for a beautiful finish.


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How to use:

  1. Snap on the Right Edge bi-level Foot.
  2. Engage the IDT™ system
  3. Select a straight stitch or a decorative stitch.
  4. Position the fabric under the foot so that the inner right side of the presser foot rides over an already stitched seam or against any edge.
  5. Adjust the needle position if necessary for your desired effect.

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