Blindhem Foot for IDT™ System part #820256096
specialty type: Utility/Garment Sewing

The Blindhem Foot is perfect for sewing invisible hems. Use it to sew the elastic blindhem for an optional finish and you won‘t need additional finishing on the hem edge. Sewing by hand is no longer necessary.


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How to use:

  1. Snap on the Blindhem Foot.
  2. Fold the edge in by the hem width.
  3. Unfold the hem again so that hem edge protrudes by about 1 cm.
  4. Position fabric so red edge guide runs along edge of folded hem.
  5. Use the needle position and the width dial to regulate the penetration of the needle in the crease.
TIP: If the stitch punctures are visible on the right side of the project, adjust red guide slightly
using screw on right side of foot.

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