Clear 1/4 inch Right Guide Foot for IDT™ System part #820881096
specialty type: Quilting

The Clear 1/4 inch Right Guide Foot is designed to help you achieve perfect 1/4 inch pieced seams. Simply guide the fabric edge next to the guide. The clear foot gives great visibility to view when sewing. The distance between the needle and the right guide is 1/4 inch.


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What's mine?
  1. Snap on the Clear 1/4 inch Right Guide Foot.
  2. Engage the IDT™ system.
  3. Select a straight stitch.
  4. Place the fabric right sides together under the presser foot with the guide at the edge of the fabric.
  5. Sew the blocks together guiding the edges so that it touches the right guide.
The Clear Right 1/4 inch Guide Foot also gives a perfect 1/4 inch topstitch distance from the
edge of a block when quilting, on your garments or home décor projects. Refer to instruction for the 1/4 inch Right Guide Foot.

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