Dynamic Spring Foot part #820991096
specialty type: Embroidery, Quilting

The Dynamic Spring Foot is used for embroidery, and free-motion sewing or quilting. The foot is designed to give a great view so you easily can do stippling or follow a design in the fabric. The spring action keeps the fabric from lifting with the needle as the stitch is being formed, giving you more control of your sewing.


ONLY works with:

creative sensation™ pro,
creative sensation™,
creative vision™,
creative performance™,
creative™ 4.0, 3.0, 2.0

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How to use:

  1. Disengage the IDT™ system and carefully loosen the small screw on the back of the presser footholder.
  2. Squeeze the Dynamic Spring Foot together. Guide the pin of the foot into the cross- hole of the presser foot holder. The arm of the foot should be placed behind the needle screw.
  3. Tighten the screw.
  4. Thread your machine.
  5. Set the machine in the Dynamic Spring Foot 6D mode. The feed dogs will drop automatically.

In embroidery the presser foot will move up and down with the needle which gives a more even balance between top and bobbin thread.


  1. Place the quilt under the presser foot.
  2. Select a straight stitch and start sewing. You will manually guide your fabric. Your movement will determine the length of the stitch.
  3. Move your quilt in a smooth motion, maintaining a consistent speed for even stitches.

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