Open Toe Sensormatic Free-Motion Foot part #820976096
specialty type: Embroidery, Quilting

The Open Toe Sensormatic free-motion foot is used for stippling and free-motion embroidery. The foot allows for greater visibility for both stippling and free-motion embroidery as the opening in front of the foot give you an optional view of your free motion sewing and quilting.
The open front and transparency of the foot with both vertical and horizontal markings, allows you to easily do stippling or follow a design on the fabric.


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Except expression™  3.2, 3.0 ,2.0 and 150

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How to use:
  1. Thread your machine with a thread of your choice.
  2. Make sure the IDT system is disengaged.
  3. Set your sewing machine in Sensormatic free motion mode. The feed dogs will drop automatically.
  4. Select the stitch you would like to use (straight or zig zag). The stitch length doesn't matter because when the feed dogs are dropped the fabric is no longer fed by the machine. You must feed (move) fabric.
  5. Stitch manually moving the fabric.

NOTE: When sewing in Sensormatic free motion mode at a low speed the presser foot will raise and lower with each stitch to hold the fabric on the stitch plate while the stitch is being performed. At a higher speed, the presser foot floats over the fabric while sewing.

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