INSPIRA® Cut-A-Way Light Stabilizer part #-
specialty type: Optional Accessories

INSPIRA® Cut-A-Way Light stabilizer is designed to use with light to medium weight woven or knit fabrics. It is used as a backing and provides extra stability when embroidering designs with light to medium stitch counts or density. INSPIRA® Cut-A-Way Light stabilizer prevents stretching and puckering during the embroidery process and remains in the project to support the design after laundering and wearing.
Sizes available:
Cut-A-Way Light, 12”x25 yards (620111096)
Cut-A-Way Light, 8”x25 yards (620110996)
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Best for these applications:
  1. Light to medium stitch count embroideries and satin stitch appliqués.
  2. Lightweight sweatshirt fleece, heavy T-shirt fabric, medium weight cotton & knit, corduroy, boiled wool, mohair, faux suede, suede, microfiber, faux fur, lightweight vinyl.
Directions for use:
  1. Cut a piece of INSPIRA® Cut-A-Way Light stabilizer large enough for the selected hoop (hoop dimension plus at least 1” on all four sides).
  2. Hoop INSPIRA® Cut-A-Way Light stabilizer and fabric without stretching the fabric as you hoop.
  3. Stitch the embroidery.
  4. Trim the excess stabilizer away as close to the outer edge as possible.
  5. Follow normal care instructions for washing and drying, according to fabric type. Press with medium heat iron.

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