INSPIRA® Light & Tacky Tear-A-Way Stabilizer part #-
specialty type: Optional Accessories

INSPIRA® Light & Tacky Tear-A-Way is a removable stabilizer with a revolutionary “paperless” sticky surface. There is no paper covering of the tacky surface, so there is no need for scoring the paper. This stabilizer tears away easily and leaves minimal residue on needles, machine parts and hoops. Use for small items which are not large enough to hoop or for sensitive fabrics that can be marked when hooped such as velvet, satin, suede, soft leather or vinyl. INSPIRA® Light & Tacky Tear-A-Way provides the needed support for fabrics with some stretch.
Size Available
Light & Tacky Tear-A-Way, 12”x10 yards (#620115396)
Best for these applications:
  • Embroideries with light to medium stitch counts, built-in decorative stitches, appliqué.
  • Light to medium weight woven fabrics, light weight corduroy or other napped fabrics, chino, cotton pique, chambray and felt.


Directions for use:

Slowly peel back the stabilizer from the roll and cut a piece of INSPIRA® Light & Tacky Tear-A-Way stabilizer large enough for the selected hoop (hoop dimension plus at least 1” on all four sides).
For “hoopless” embroidery:
  1. Place stabilizer piece on flat surface with adhesive side up.
  2. Position outer hoop on top of the adhesive side of INSPIRA® Light & Tacky Tear-A-Way stabilizer. You may not need the inner hoop.
  3. Place wrong side of the fabric to be embroidered on top of the sticky stabilizer surface. (Fabric can be repositioned if necessary but will be less tacky.)
For hooped embroidery:
  1. Place wrong side of fabric on tacky surface of INSPIRA® Light & Tacky Tear-A-Way stabilizer.
  2. Hoop fabric and stabilizer together, pulling them taut in the hoop.
  3. Embroider the design and remove from hoop.
  4. Carefully peel back and tear the excess stabilizer from wrong side of fabric up to the stitching.
  5. Follow normal care instructions for washing and drying or dry cleaning according to fabric type.

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