Lace Overlock Foot part #620081996
specialty type: Overlock

This foot is used for sewing lace or borders together or onto the workpiece. Instructions for using the foot are included in the package.

Preparing the machine
  • Needle: Right needle
  • Stitch type: Three-thread overlock or three—thread standard rolled hem
  • Stitch length: 1.5 - 3 mm
  • Differential feed lever: Normal position
  • Upper knife: Working or non-working position
  1. Place the fabric under guide finger (A) and lace on top of guide finger (A).
  2. If necessary, loosen screw (C) and slide guide plate (B) to the left or right to adjust stitch width.
  3. Tighten screw (C).
  4. Guide lace along guide plate (B) and sew.
Note: If there is no necessity to cut the fabric edge, place both fabric and lace on top of guide finger (A) . Be sure to disengage the upper knife.

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