Sew-On Button Foot part #820473096
specialty type: Decorative/Crafting Sewing, Utility/Garment Sewing

Sewing on buttons can be a tedious job – but not when you use the Sew-on Button Foot! Use it to easily sew 2- or 4-hole buttons of various sizes in place. Just set the stitch width to match the spacing between the holes and your machine does all the work. By including a shaft, you can even sew on buttons with a thread shank, see illustration.


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How to use:

  1. Mark on the fabric where you want the button to be placed.
  2. Snap on the Sew-on Button Foot.
  3. Lower feed dogs.
  4. Insert the button between the black metal piece and the presser foot. Make sure that two holes are positioned in the cutout of the presser foot.
  5. Place the fabric under the presser foot. Select button sew-on stitch or zigzag stitch. Lower feed dogs.
  6. Select width to match buttonholes. Manually turn the hand wheel to make sure that the needle enters the left hole.
  7. Start to sew. The machine will automatically tie off your button if using button sew-on stitch. If using zigzag, sew across button five times.
If you want your button to have a shank, push the plastic piece on the presser foot towards you, placing it between the two holes of the button. When you have finished sewing your button, pull the plastic piece back, remove your button from the presser foot and cut off the threads. Wrap the seam with sewing thread and make a knot.


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