Three Hole Yarn Foot for IDT™ System part #820920096
specialty type: Decorative/Crafting Sewing, Home Dec

Embellish your project with different types of decorative cords or yarn using beautiful PFAFF® 9mm stitches and the Three Hole Yarn Foot. This foot will easily guide the cords or yarn through the openings in the front of the foot back through the groove under the presser foot. The decorative cords or yarn will be stitched over creating a beautiful braid embellishment.


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How to use:

  1. Thread your machine with a regular sewing thread or decorative thread on top and regularsewing thread in the bobbin.
  2. Select a 9mm decorative stitch.

    Note: Decorative stitches that use forward motion work best (Avoid stitches with too much backward motion.)
  3. Thread decorative cords or yarn into the holes from the top of the foot, using the Yarn Threader, prior to attaching the foot onto the sewing machine.
  4. Make sure the cords or yarn slide easily through the openings. (If the yarn is too thick it will create too much tension and the feeding might be affected.)
  5. Snap on the Three Hole Yarn Foot.
  6. Engage IDT™ system.
  7. Place the threaded cords or yarn under the presser foot with a 5cm (2”) tail.
  8. Place a tear away stabilizer underneath the fabric and place your fabric under the presser foot.
  9. Sew carefully, not too fast. If your machine has a speed control reduce the sewing speed to easily guide the fabric and yarn as you sew.

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