Dimensional Flora Collection: , #462
Item: 821032096

Spring is here and what suits better than some splendid floral designs you can use as embellishment for home decoration?

This collection is designed to be used with Embroidery Foam 3mm that will give the embroideries a 3D effect. Embroidery foam is sold separately.

All designs in this collection are digitized with two versions in the same design:
- to be used with Embroidery Foam
- to be used as an Outline design

Hoops used for this collection is the following: creative™ QUILTER´S HOOP 200x200mm/ 8”x8”, creative™ MASTER HOOP 240x150mm/ 9.6”x6”,
creative™ ENDLESS HOOP 180x100mm/ 7”x4”, creative™ 120 SQUARE HOOP 120x120mm/ 4.7”x4.7”, creative™ PETITE SQUARE HOOP 80x80mm/ 3”x3”


Hoop Size (in mm)

  • 120x120mm
  • 180x100mm
  • 200x200mm
  • 240x150mm
  • 80x80mm
The perfect hoop for small embroideries

The perfect hoop for small embroideries

Embroider small designs quickly and easily in your creative™ Petite Square Hoop (embroidery area 80x80 mm).

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