Romantic Decor Collection: , #470
Item: 821065096

All your favourites in one collection!
You’ll get a total of 61 designs picked from 4 collections: #352 Regency style, #404 Grand Dream, # 407 Floral Monograms and  #415 Vintage Medallion. You’ll also get some tips & hints on how to embroider the beautiful quilt.

When embroidering use the creative™ ELITE HOOP 260x200/10.2”x7.9”, creative™ MASTER HOOP 240x150/ 9.6”x6” or creative™ PETITE SQUARE HOOP 80x80/ 3”x3”.


Hoop Size (in mm)

  • 260x200mm
  • 240x150mm
  • 80x80mm
The perfect hoop for small embroideries

The perfect hoop for small embroideries

Embroider small designs quickly and easily in your creative™ Petite Square Hoop (embroidery area 80x80 mm).

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