creative™ Yarn Art Collection: , #463
Item: 821033096

Great news: you get all the designs in this collection in three versions! 
The designs are made with the techniques; Yarn Art (as freestanding yarn embroideries), Chain Stitch or Quilt, so here you’re given endless opportunities to create something unique. 13 of the designs are designed to be embroidered with Yarn Couching Feet set, which is sold as an accessory. 
When embroidering these designs, use the creative™ QUILTER’S HOOP 200 x 200 mm/ 8”x8”.

Hoop Size (in mm)

  • 200x200mm
Yarn Couching Foot Set

Yarn Couching Foot Set

Create decorative yarn embellishments easily when sewing free-motion and embroidering.

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