Leather apron

Posted by Carina Thavelin

I have to show you the finished leather apron that I did for my brother. He is a professional chef and wanted an apron for when he does catering events.

The apron is made from a nice heavy leather and will only look better with age and wearing.

My brother wanted his initials on it so I created a font from Arial with QuickFont in the 6D Software with outlines in triple stitch and embroidered with a 30wt cotton thread.

I learned some tips and tricks while I sewed. Washi tape is great for placing pockets and temporary markings for stitching. Easy to remove and leave no marks. Paper clips are also great to keep the layers together since you can’t use needles.

I also mentioned in my previous posts about leather that it is important to use leather needles, they have a wedge shaped point, specially designed to penetrate leather. And the IDT was of course invaluable for a perfect feed.

My brother said it was the nicest leather apron he had ever seen so I’m happy :)