Sewing aprons

Posted by Carina Thavelin

For my sister-in-law’s birthday I sewed her an apron. I remembered her saying how much she loved the one I made for myself a while back. This is a strapless, more girly apron that has been popular for a while.

I sewed her almost an exact replica of my apron, black with white details. On the new one I added some piping at the waistline. There are two different piping feet that makes it really easy to create your own piping or attach a bought version. Piping foot and Narrow piping foot. A nice effect that gives it a professional look.

I added some freestanding embroidered flowers from Collection #431 creative™ Crochet as a final touch, sewing them on with a button in the center was really easy with the Sew-on button foot. (One of my absolute favorite feet. I always keep this foot and the Invisible Zipper Foot close at hand)

She really loved it!

I also sewed an apron for my brother. He is a chef and sometimes does private caterings. It looks very professional when he and his colleague has similar aprons don’t you think (my brother Patrik to the left). These are made from cotton canvas with some leather details and their names embroidered on the chest. I used one of my favorite font in 6D Software, Georgia, in the Traditional category.

He was so happy with them that he now wants me to sew aprons in leather. This is my next project…

There are many different patterns for aprons but one of the easiest way of sewing an apron is to use an apron that you have as a pattern, just lay it on the fabric and cut. Looking at ready-made garments is a great way of learning new ways to sew and new techniques.

Hope you'll have a lovely weekend and Happy Easter!