6D™ Software Newsletter - August 2014

Posted by PFAFF®

In this month’s newsletter, learn about the multiple methods to enlarge or reduce the view of designs in 6D™. Also see how to create multiple designs from a single embroidery with the morphing tools in 6D™ Stitch Editor Plus.

Inspired Icons: Can't see the whole design or maybe you can't see all the details in the embroidery? You can enlarge or reduce how much of your design area you see with the Zoom Tools. Use them to help you as you work with your embroidery projects. Read More.

Module Mystique: 6D™ PhotoStitch and 5D™ PortraitStitch allow you to embroider color or monochrome embroideries from your own photos. Choose from 10 amazing stitch effects, including color, heritage sepia and color tile for an artistic 'pointillist' effect. Read More.

Technique Tune-Up: Do you want to create more quilting designs without digitizing them in Design Creator? Give the Morphing tools a try. In 6D™ or 5D™ Stitch Editor Plus, or 5D™ or 4D™ Stitch Editor give a new look to a design with morphing. Read More.

QuiltDesign Creator: Lettering is one of several design tools found in the 5D™ QuiltDesign Creator program to help your creativity. Combine letters or words with different fill patterns or combine a letter with a filled square. This design uses a Crosshatch fill Q, combined with letters surrounded by QuiltStipple. Read More.

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