TruEmbroidery™ Software Newsletter August 2014

Posted by TruEmbroidery™

This month we will focus on the multiple methods to enlarge or reduce designs in the TruE™ software. We will also share with you how to create multiple designs from one single design by using the morphing tools in TruE™ Modify.

Icons - Can't see your whole design, or maybe you can't see all the details in the embroidery? You can enlarge or reduce how much of your design area you see with the Zoom Tools. Use them to help you work with designs in all the TruE™ software applications. Read More.

Tips & Techniques - Do you want to create more quilting designs without digitizing them in TruE™ Create Create? Give the Morphing tools a try. In the TruE™ Modify Modify application we can create a new look to a design with the morphing tools found on the Modify page. Read More.


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