PREMIER+™ Software Newsletter - December 2015

Posted by PREMIER+™

This month we will look at Exporting Appliqué Pieces, Decorations, and the Create module.

INSPIRED ICONS - If you have an appliqué embroidery design, you can now save or print appliqué outlines ready for cutting. (In earlier software you can visualize appliqué outlines but not store them within your file.) Under the File tab in most PREMIER+™ modules, you will find the Export Appliqué Pieces icon Export Appliqué Pieces. Read More.

MODULE MYSTIQUE - This month we will look at the new Premier+™ Create module. In the 5D™ and 6D™ software, we called this module Design Creator. Create has a whole new look, to include the Ribbon bar. The Filmstrip is always on the left and the Design Panel is always on the right.Read More.

TIPS AND TECHNIQUES - The Decoration tab is new in the PREMIER+™ EXTRA and PREMIER+™ ULTRA packages. Add decoration to an existing design or change decoration of an existing design. We adjusted the pattern fills in this heart SuperDesign last month. Now we will add decorations!Read More.

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