TruEmbroidery™ 3 Software Newsletter December 2015

Posted by TruEmbroidery™ 3

This month we will take a look at the Design Player and share how to make unique designs using the Spiral Fill tool in Create.

ICONS - The Design Player Design Player can be found in all three Applications and is in both TruEmbroidery™ 3 and TruEmbroidery™ software. You can use the Design Player to play through the stitches in the embroidery project as if it was being stitched from an exported embroidery. Read More.

TIPS AND TECHNIQUES - You can create unique designs easily with the Spiral fill feature in the TruE™ 3 or TruE™ Create Application. Spiral fill areas Spiral Fill use a spiral pattern from an origin point that can be moved. Use constant or gradient density, and add holes. Read More.

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