The Grand Dream Hoop

Posted by Carina Thavelin

The Grand Dream Hoop is a turnable hoop, this means that the embroideries you sew are in two halves and you sew side A and then turn it 180 degrees and sew the other half, side B. There are several beautiful embroidery collections created for this hoop and you can create your own in the software. It is also a perfect hoop for just combining several smaller embroideries in the hoop so you don’t need to re-hoop as much.

Here are some tips when using this hoop:

  • There are two screws to tighten the hoop, one on each side, make sure you tighten them equally. Otherwise the hoop will be skewed and it will be hard to make the embroideries match up when you sew the second side. (See arrows in picture)
  • If you create embroideries for this hoop yourself, there is a 30mm overlapping area to consider. No part of a design can cross from one side over to the other. (See red area in picture)
  • You can use the 6D software to create larger designs and have them split in the program. I like to use the 6D Design Aligner where you can decide where you want the design to be split.

When you buy the creative grand dream hoop, you get a gorgeous medallion design that I really love. I have embroidered it in gold on the bodice of a black dress, unfortunately it has become a UFO hanging in my sewing room, but now I am inspired to finish it!

Back to the sewing machine! Have a nice weekend!