Finishing a UFO*

Posted by Carina Thavelin

I finished it!

There are so many different reasons why some of my projects are left half done as UFO's
(*Un Finished Object)

It could be that the embroidered part took so long that I kind of got bored, or I try it on and feel like it doesn’t fit, or I sew it for a special occasion and don’t finish it in time.

Anyway, last night I finished the dress with the Grand Dream Hoop embroidery, and it only took 2 hours. So sad that it has been hanging in my sewing room unfinished for more than a year. The only thing left was the lining and the sleeves. The embroidery is included when you buy the hoop and here I sewed it with a heavier gold thread and it was a challenge, but thanks to the Active Stitch Technology, where the machine feeds the exact amout of thread needed for every stitch, it worked out great.

So now I have a new outfit for tonight’s After Work.

Happy Weekend