passport™ Top

Posted by PFAFF®

1. Use your own top pattern or download from, tunic-102010 or paneled tunic Paneled Tunic Top (Plus Size) 07/2012 #140.
2. Sew the darts on the top before you start to sew the decorative stitches.
3. Mark lines on the top where you wish to add the decorative stitches. We have 1” (2.5cm) between the lines.
4. Sew the decorative stitches with a contrasting 40 weight rayon thread and a piece of stabilizer behind the fabric. Matching polyester sewing thread in the bobbin.
5. The stitches we have used on the passport™ 3.0 machine are:
- The feathered satin stitch number 78
- The entredeux stitch number 61
6. Finish the top by following the instruction in the Burda pattern.