6D™ Software Newsletter - September 2015

Posted by 6D™ Embroidery Software

This month we will look at Color Block tools, making lace in Design Creator, the Cross Stitch Letter tab and Snap to Grid in QuiltDesign Creator.

INSPIRED ICONS - The Color Block tools are very useful when editing a design or viewing how it is constructed. Use the Control Strip to view the colors in the selected section of the embroidery. The control strip was added with the introduction of 5D™ Stitch Editor Plus.

MODULE MYSTIQUE - This month we will look at the Cross Stitcher Letter tab. This feature is in all versions of the Cross Stitcher module. On the Letter Page of Cross Stitcher you have the choice of selecting either TrueType Text or Fixed Text.

TECHNIQUE TUNE-UP - You can easily create lace in either the 6D™ or the 5D™ Design Creator module with the crosshatch fill feature. Crosshatch fills are used in quilting too. This month we will look at how to create free-standing lace with this tool.

QUILTDESIGN CREATOR - This month we will look at how useful the Snap to Grid feature is in creating designs. Use Snap to Grid to align objects to the Grid lines when moved or when drawing them. Use this tool to draw the exact size shape that is desired.

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