powerquilter™ p3

Power Performance Precision

Key Features

7” Touch Screen

Easy to see, easy to use. Control your machine right from the screen.

3000 Stitches per Minute

With the ability to do 3000 stitches per minute, you will not outrun the stitch regulation.

Bright LED Lights

LED lights built right into the handles. You can control the brightness from your screen.

Built-in Black Light

Great when using glow in the dark threads.

Spring Loaded encoders

Encoders will stay firmly on the tracks to give you consistent stitch regulation.

Projects & Inspiration

Multiple Pre-Programmed Stitch Modes

Ruler Mode, Idle Mode and Baste Mode are all pre-programmed for you. Simply select your mode from the menu on the screen.

Comfort Grip Handle Design

The U-shaped handle design with comfort grips and height adjustable frame allows you to quilt with ease.

Onboard Bobbin Winder

No need for a separate piece of equipment to wind your bobbins. Ours is built right onto the machine and will wind a new bobbin while you are quilting!

Built-in Calculator

You can do your math right on the screen!

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