mySewnet™ Project Creator

Create. Save. Share. View.

We've created two free projects to get you started!

Turn your favorite sewing project into step-by-step instructions that can be shared and viewed by friends, family, and more using the Project Creator web service. Simply describe your project and provide step-by-step details using images, stitches, embroidery designs and videos to allow others recreate your project.

Click "Save Project" and the project is automatically saved in a Project Creator folder within your mySewnet™ cloud account.

Click on "Share Project" and you will get a link to share in an email, text message or social media post. The recipient will get a link to a read-only version of your Project Creator file in their web browser.

View in a web browser. When you click on a shared link to a project, it will be opened in a web browser for a preview.

Anyone can preview a project! If you send the project to someone who doesn’t have a mySewnet™ enabled machine – no problem. They can preview any project in their web browser to follow along or register for a free account. For those with a mySewnet™ account, they can save directly to their cloud.



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