Freshen up your bedroom with this beautiful pillowcase. It would also be a great gift.


Romantic Pillowcase

Posted by Alix Graham-Michel


 Freshen up your bedroom with this beautiful pillowcase. It would also be 

a great gift. 



Embroidery foot 

Bi-level Guide foot for IDT™ System (lace edging) 

2mm Rolled Hem foot 820220096 

Gathering foot 820668096 

Piping foot 820532096 

PFAFF® Grand Endless Hoop 820987096 

INSPIRA® Fuse N’ Tear Stabilizer 620114796 

1¼ yard of plain or printed fabric 

¼ yard of contrasting fabric for piping 

1 yard of mini piping cord 

2 yards of ⅝” ribbon 

Sewing thread to match fabric 

Blendable 30wt cotton thread (you will need to fill a bobbin as well) 

Sewing needle 

90/14 Topstitch needle 

Embroidery needle 

Embroidery threads 


Rotary cutter/mat 

Adeline Brill
Are there directions for this pillowcase?
4/5/2018 2:21:57 PM

Joanne Marzilli
Do you have directions to make this Romantic Pillowcase to go along with supplies?
4/4/2018 11:05:27 AM

Are there more instructions available for the Romantic Pillowcase? The website only lists supplies.

Is there a download file available?

Thank you.
4/1/2018 5:09:59 PM

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