Fancy Bracelets

Posted by PFAFF®

Unique colorful bracelets are a perfect gift for the Holidays. Create them quickly with thin yarn, the PFAFF® 7/9 Hole Cord Foot with IDT™ System and your favorite decorative stitches.

What you need:

The bracelets are made by sewing decorative stitches over embroidery floss or thin yarn. We used nine threads and 9mm decorative stitches. If you prefer a more narrow stitch, adjust the amount of threads to fit that width.

Thread your machine with embroidery thread on top and wind a bobbin to match.

Cut nine pieces of embroidery floss in desired length (remember to make them long enough to tie a knot).

Thread the floss through the holes of the 7/9 hole Cord Foot, from front to back, beginning with the inner holes. Then snap the foot on to your machine.

Place water soluble stabilizer under the embroidery floss. Stitch over the embroidery floss with a decorative stitch of your choice. When you have reached the desired length, tie the thread ends at the beginning and end of the decorative stitching. Hide the ends on the back of the stitched bands.

Trim the water soluble stabilizer and rinse in luke warm water. By rinsing rather than leaving the bracelets to soak in water, the remaining stabilizer will give extra stability to the bracelets.


Good Luck with your bracelets!

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