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Decorate a ready-made top with decorative stitches to give it a stunning personal touch.
Use your favorite thread or experiment with something new.  Metallic thread will add a touch of sparkle.  ActivStitch™ Technology will deliver perfect stitches every time.

Stitches used:

  • 3.3.8
  • 6.1.7
  • 3.3.16
  • 4.2.12

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Barbara K Henley
It is a beautiful shirt. I just bought a used Creative Sensation 5.5. The machine and the computer do not communicate with each other so I am going to have to take it to the dealer to straighten things out. I hope it doesn't cost very much because I spent all my money just buying the machine.
I am very excited to learn what it can do, and hoping I get comfortable with it soon. I'm still having trouble remembering what all the symbols mean and finding the one I want.
I know from now on I only buy Pfaff!!
3/10/2018 6:49:42 AM

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