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Perfection Starts with PFAFF®

With a celebrated history of superior design and engineering, PFAFF® sewing machines are the world’s premier precision machines that sewists aspire to own. The PFAFF brand has 160 years of sewing heritage that creates a climate for continued development and design of high-quality sewing and embroidery machines. Known as the perfector of the craft, PFAFF machines deliver precision to the most demanding sewists by offering maximum control and customization. PFAFF machines are catalysts for passionate sewists, producing the highest quality results in all aspects of sewing.


The History of PFAFF®

Since 1862, when Georg Michael Pfaff built his first sewing machine and founded the GM factory PFAFF®, the company's ambition has remained the same: to constantly renew and modernize sewing technology. Quite a few milestones have been passed along the way. Here are some of them.

  • 1862

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    Georg Michael Pfaff made the first PFAFF® sewing machine in Kaiserslautern, Germany at the start of the industrial revolution.

  • 1872

    PFAFF Factory

    Ten years after the company was founded, a thousand sewing machines had been manufactured. After PFAFF® opened a new factory in Kaiserslautern, Germany in 1902, the production rate increased significantly.

  • 1910


    PFAFF® proudly produced their first million sewing machines

  • 1912

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    The 50th anniversary of PFAFF® was marked by the release of commemorative postage stamps

  • 1922


    PFAFF® launched their first Rotary Hook sewing machines.

  • 1932

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    Launched the famous PFAFF® 130, a high-performance zigzag machine to meet the ever-increasing demands on the market.

    (View Vintange PFAFF® 130 Instruction Manual)

  • 1951

    PFAFF® launched the world’s first portable sewing machine with a free arm

  • 1962

    The 100th anniversary of the PFAFF® brand was marked by the production of a gold machine, which was displayed in dealerships around the world.

  • 1968


    1968 saw perhaps one of the biggest milestones in PFAFF® history; the launch of the PFAFF® 1222, featuring the Original IDT™ for integrated dual feed, as well as Electronic Needle Piercing Power.

  • 1979

    PFAFF® launches the world's first programmable sewing machine

  • 1984


    PFAFF® released their first computerized sewing machine with IDT™ and the ability to program in your own stitches.

  • 1988


    PFAFF® released their first machine with 9 mm stitches and the creative™ Designer feature, allowing the sewist to create and copy stitches.

  • 1990


    PFAFF® launched the world's first sewing machine with side-motion feeding

  • 2011


    Launched PFAFF® creative sensation™ sewing and embroidery machine.

  • 2014

    PFAFF® introduces a host of five new machines designed to help sewers reach new heights: the creative™ 3.0 sewing and embroidery machine, the performance™ 5.0 sewing machine, the quilt expression™ 4.2 sewing machine, the expression™ 3.2 sewing machine and the passport™ 2.0 sewing machine.

  • 2021


    PFAFF® launches the creative icon™ 2 Sewing and Embroidery Machine: the world’s first sewing machine with artificial intelligence and voice control.

  • 2022