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Free Sewing Pattern for Beginners – Sewing Kit


Tired of newer finding your pins and needles? Sew your very own Sewing Kit quick and easy!

Sewing Kit

Free Sewing Pattern for Beginners – Sewing Kit


A useful Sewing Kit and great free sewing pattern for beginners. Tired of newer finding your pins and needles? Sew your very own Sewing Kit quickly and easily with the below Tips & Hints.

The size of the sewing kit when open is approximately 8½“x12” (21x30cm).


To make a Sewing Kit:

We have used a heavy boiled wool fabric for the organizer (you need two pieces, front and back) and velvet and satin ribbons for decoration. The little pocket for buttons is made of clear vinyl.

The numbers in the following illustration correspond to the steps described below.
Start by decorating the inside of the Sewing Kit. Use one of the two wool fabric pieces.

1. Use your favorite decorative stitches to embellish the velvet and satin ribbon. Place tear-a-way stabilizer underneath. Pin the ribbons to the wool fabric.
2. Stitch the wide velvet ribbon to the wool fabric using a straight stitch.
3. Pin the other velvet ribbon to the wool fabric. Use a scallop stitch to stitch it to the wool fabric.
4. Use reinforced straight stitch to divide the scarlet ribbon into sections.
5. To make the pocket, cut out a rectangle measuring 3”x5” (8x13cm). Sew the pocket to the wool. Using a straight stitch, sew around three sides. Leave the top edge open. Cut another rectangle 2½”x5” (6,5x13cmfor the pocket flap. Place it on top of the pocket, slightly above the edge. Stitch it to the wool along the upper edge only.
Tip: When sewing leather or vinyl, it is helpful to use a non-stick presser foot. Due to the special coating on the bottom of this foot, it‘s perfect for sewing hard-to-feed fabrics, like leather, foam, plastic, imitation leather and plastic-coated fabrics. Check out pfaff.com to find the item number for the non-stick foot suitable for your machine.
6. Take a long satin ribbon (approx. 40” (1m)), fold it in half and pin to the center of the upper edge of the wool fabric.
7. Pin a narrow satin ribbon along the edges of the wool fabric. Stitch in place using a decorative stitch. Do the same or similar decoration to the other wool fabric piece that will be the outside of the organizer.

Place the two wool pieces wrong sides together and sew around all four sides using a straight stich.
Fill your organizer with buttons, pins, needles and threads, fold and go!


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