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PFAFF creative™ 1.5 Sewing Machine Project – Mini Purse


Create your own embroidery design to embellish a mini purse. Use the 6D Embroidery Intro software that came with your creative™ 1.5 sewing and embroidery machine. Combine your favorite designs and letters with SuperDesigns or frames for a personal style.

Mini Purse

PFAFF creative™ 1.5 Sewing Machine Project – Mini Purse


We made this Mini Purse with the PFAFF creative™ 1.5 Sewing Machine. It’s perfect for make-up or other little necessities that can be brought along everywhere. Embellish it with an embroidery created in the 6D Embroidery Intro Pc Software. Combine multiple designs and change the colors to your favorites. Sew together quickly and easily!


To create this Mini Purse you will need:


  •      PFAFF® creative™ 1.5 sewing and embroidery machine
  •      6D Embroidery Intro Pc Software
  •      INSPIRA® Tear-A-Way stabilizer
  •      Fabric for outside of purse (1 pc 6"x8"(15x20cm) for back and 1 pc 10"x15" (ca 26x40cm) to fit the       240x150mm hoop for the front. After embroidery, the front piece will be trimmed to 6"x8"(15x20cm)
  •      Fabric for lining, 2 pcs 6”x8” (15x20cm)
  •      Zipper 8” (20cm)
  •      Embroidery rayon thread

Create the Embroidery

1. Click on Start; select 6D Embroidery Intro , click on it to open.
2. When the box showing who the software is registered to appears, click OK.
3. Click on the View Tab.
4. Click on Change Hoop , ensure the Hoop size is set to 240mm for the width and 150mm for the height.
5. Click on the Home tab.
6. Click on View.
7. Click on the browser to select the USB stick.
8. Load the “Flower download design” by clicking on it.
9. Close by clicking Close Viewer.
10. Click Resize , press the Ctlr key and move make the design smaller by bringing in the corner towards the center. The size should be around 115-130mm.
11. Click and drag the flower to the lower left corner.
12. Click on the Letter tab.
13. In the Letters box type in: La Vie (Life).
14. Click on the Font drop down arrow, select the Elegant Font Curlew 12_32mm. Set the size at 15mm.
15. In the Line Type box select Circle Counter Clockwise .
16. Click Apply.
17. Click and drag it to be placed above the flower. Use the rotation handle to position as desired.
18. In the text box type in: “est” (is).
19. Select the Line type: Horizontal Line.
20. Click Apply.
21. Move it to the right side of the flower.
22. Click on Superdesign tab.
23. Click on the Category drop down arrow, and select all.
24. Click on the SuperDesign drop down arrow in the right corner.
25. In the hearts Menu 1, select the second heart by clicking on it. Set the size to 25 mm.
26. Click Apply .
27. Rotate the heart slightly by using the rotation handle on the right side of the heart.
28. Place it on the right side of the flower in the lower corner.
29. Click on the Letter tab.
30. In the Letters box type in: “Belle (beautiful).
31. Click and select the Line type: Circle Clockwise.
32. While the heart is still selected with a box around it, click Apply , The text will be applied around the heart.
33. Use the rotation handle to position the word belle as desired.
34. If you need to adjust/move the designs, use the tab key to step between them.
35. Click on the Home tab.
36. Click Combine All .
37. Click Colorsort .
38. Change the colors (Robison Anton Rayon 40: By double clicking on the first color in the Design Panel, type in Color #1= 2504, Click OK.
39. Change color 2: = 2259.
40. Change the rest of the colors: Color 3= 2318, color 4= 2309, color 5= 2504 and finally Color 6 = 2296.
41. Click Colorsort .
42. Click Center in Hoop .
43. Click File, Save As: Type in: Flower Purse.
44. Save on the USB stick.
45. Time to bring it to it to the creative 1.5 and embroider little purse design.
46. Hoop fabric and stabilizer and embroider the design.
47. Remove the fabric from the hoop and remove excess stabilizer

Sew the Purse
Trim the embroidered front piece to 6”x8” (15x20cm).

Place the embroidered piece and one of the lining pieces wrong sides together. Repeat with the other two pieces.

Place the zipper on top of one of the long sides, pin in place. Pin the zipper to the other piece in the same way (see illustration).

Snap-on the Fancy Stitch Foot 2A. Stitch the zipper in place using a satin decorative stitch (we’ve used no 94) cover the edge of the zipper as you sew.


Open the zipper half the way. Fold the purse right sides together. Sew the three sides together with a straight stitch. Press the seams. Trim the bottom corners and turn right side out.

Fill your purse with little treasures!

Download Mini Purse Sewing Project



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