INSPIRA® Fast & Easy Tear-A-Way Light part #-
specialty type: Optional Accessories

INSPIRA® Fast & Easy Tear-A-Way Light is a temporary stabilizer that can be used as a backing for most light weight woven fabrics. A slightly textured surface helps to grip the fabric and reduce movement during the hooping process.
INSPIRA® Fast & Easy Tear-A-Way Light stabilizer is manufactured from recycled cotton fibers, offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional tear-a-way products. This stabilizer is very easy to remove and leaves very little fiber residue even when multiple layers are used.
Sizes available:
Fast & Easy Tear-A-Way Light 16”x10 yards (620113396)
Fast & Easy Tear-A-Way Light 12”x10 yards (620113296)
Best for these applications:
  • Embroideries with light to medium stitch counts, built-in decorative stitches, appliqué.
  • Light to medium weight woven fabrics, light weight corduroy or other napped fabrics, chino, cotton pique, chambray and felt.


Directions for use:
  1. Cut a piece of INSPIRA® Fast & Easy Tear-A-Way Light stabilizer large enough for the selected hoop (hoop dimension plus at least 1” on all four sides).
  2. Hoop fabric and stabilizer together, pulling them taut in the hoop.
  3. Float additional layers of INSPIRA® Fast & Easy Tear-Away Light stabilizer between the hoop and the machine for additional support for designs with a high stitch count.
  4. Stitch the embroidery. Gently tear to remove the excess stabilizer.
  5. If multiple layers are used, remove one layer at a time to avoid distortion of fabric and/or stitches.



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