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admire™ air 7000 Tote Bag Serger Project


Create a beautiful tote bag using the coverstitch and chainstitch on the admire® air 7000 coverstitch machine

PF AA7000 600x460

The PFAFF® admire™ air 7000 coverlock machine offers a wide range of stitches - 26 in all - with multiple sewing applications. Among these stitches is the Coverstitch, Wide. Though this stitch is most commonly used for hems on stretch knit fabrics, it offers decorative possibilities, as well. This tote bag, an original design, features intersecting rows of coverstitching on the outer pocket, adding interesting texture. The bag also uses the 4-Thread Overlock and the Chainstitch for construction.

Supplies Needed

  *Two pieces of Wool Fabric 48cm (19 inches) x 30cm (11¾ inches)
  *Two pieces of Lining Fabric 45cm (17¾ inches) x 30cm (11¾ inches)
  *Faux leather 30cm (11¾ inches) x 30cm (11¾ inches)
  *Lightweight Batting 30x30cm
  *Purchased Purse Handles (handles shown are each 62cm (24 inches) long
  *Four Spools of Overlock Thread
  *Two Spools of 30wt Cotton (for decorative coverstitching)
  *Removable Fabric Marker and Ruler
  *Hand Sewing Needle (for attaching purchased leather handles)
  *Clips (for holding faux leather and fabric layers together during construction)

Sewing Directions

Set your PFAFF® admire™ air 7000 coverlock machine to Coverstitch Wide. This is Stitch #24 from your machine’s stitch menu. Thread both needles with 30wt cotton, and thread the chainstitch looper with overlock thread.

Use a removable fabric marker and ruler to draw lines 5cm (2 inches) apart - on the diagonal - on the right side of the faux leather. Place the batting underneath the faux leather. Sew the coverstitches, following the guidelines drawn on the fabric.

Trim the bottom corners on the two wool pieces and also on the two lining pieces, rounding them gently as suggested in this diagram.

(Trim bottom corners only on bag front, bag back and both lining pieces)

Add the coverstitched pocket to the bag front piece. Line up the bottom edge of the pocket to the bottom edge of the bag front. Starting at the bottom of the pocket, measure 20cm (7⅞ inches). Fold the top edge of the pocket 5cm (2 inches) and finger press.

Trim the faux leather so it has the same type of rounded corner as the front bag piece.

Hold the layers in place with clips. Sew a row of wide coverstitching in the center of the pocket and bag front, from the bottom and all the way up. This stitching will secure the faux leather pocket piece to the bag front.

Set your machine for the 4-thread Overlock (Stitch #9 in the machine’s stitch menu). Sew one lining piece along the top edge of the bag front, right sides together. Sew the other lining piece to the top edge of the bag back, also with the right sides together.

Fold the wool at the top of the bag front 65mm (2½ inches). Repeat for the bag back as well.

Lightly press the top edge of the bag, then trim the lining at the bottom of the bag front and back to match at the bottom edge.

Trim a scant amount from around the edge of the lining section, which will help prevent the raw edge of the lining fabric from being visible around the outside edge of the bag when it is finished.

Set your machine for the Chainstitch (Stitch #26 in your machine’s stitch menu). Thread the needle with overlock thread and the chainstitch looper with 30wt cotton. Place the front and back of the bag together and stitch around the outside, approximately 5mm (⅜ inch) from the outer edge.

Turn the bag over and stitch the chainstitch again, so that the chainstitch looper thread will be visible on both sides of the finished bag.

Add your preferred handle. We used a ready-made leather handle that was stitched on by hand.

For a printable pdf copy of this project, click the button below.