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Circular Bag - Tips and Hints


Create your own unique Circular Bag by embellishing your fabric with decorative stitches and using the flower template that comes with the circular attachment. Make your own name tag using the built-in alphabet.

performance 5 2 model   600x600 min

Draw a circle the size desired for your finished bag. Divide the circle in two. Draw a second half circle inside the first one to create the handle pattern.

Select 2 - 4 coordinating fabrics such as silk, velvet, leather, etc. for your bag. For best results use fabrics of similar weight.

Bag front

Decorate your fabric pieces and then cut according to your pattern.

Make the decorative flower using the template that
comes with the circular attachment*. Select the decorative stitch of your choice.

Use a fusible web to attach the flower to the bag and sew it in place using a dense zigzag stitch.

Add parallel lines of stitching that echo the flower using the Clear ¼ Inch Quilting foot for IDT™ System (820926096)*.

Other embellishments

Use one of the built-in alphabets and a decorative stitch to make your own name tag. We used the Comic alphabet.

Create a tassel for the bag using a square of leather. Cut slits 5mm apart as shown in the illustration to fringe the leather.


Apply fusible batting to all parts of the bag before assembly. Piping made from a coordinating fabric provides the perfect finishing touch. For best results, use the Piping foot (820532096).*

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