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Quilting Project - Modern Geometric Quilt


I can't say I'm a quilter, but have to say it is a nice break from sewing clothes and I enjoy the precise techniques. Read more about my modern quilt.

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PFAFF Quilting Project - Modern Geometric Quilt


Create a Modern Geometric Quilt quilting project. I used the PFAFF creative™ 3.0 sewing machine and invisible machine applique.

I finally finished the quilt I started last summer and it wasn’t as much work as I initially thought.

The idea came from a quilt book I found at summer sewing class. Together with my teacher I changed the sewing technique to be an invisible machine applique. The quilt is built from rectangles 40x20 cm (16”x 8”) and the inside shapes are 30x10 cm (12”x 4”) with rounded edges.

After cutting, the first step was to stitch and turn all the “oval” shapes with a lightweight fusing. Then it was easy to iron them onto the center of the rectangles. I sewed around the ovals edges with a narrow blind hem stitch, using stitch 1.1.16 on the creative sensation pro, settings: stitch width 1.0, stitch length 6.0. By using an invisible thread, the stitch is almost not noticeable.

Next step was to cut away the seam allowance on the wrong side, leaving 1cm.

The tricky part was to arrange all the blocks in a nice way. Not sure I found the best but for a first try, I’m happy!

When I’ve sewn all the rectangles together I backed it with batting and a cotton fabric. I chose just to stitch-in-the-ditch of the rectangles since I’m kind of a beginner when it comes to quilt and free-motion is not something I feel comfortable with yet. It looks so easy when our professional sewer does it but that’s when you have experience.

There are many specialty quilt feet in our assortment, I used the Clear Open Toe Foot to get a perfect result and have full control of the stitching. I finished the edges with a binding, using stitch 2.1.9, mirrored side to side, stitch width 2.5, stitch length 3.5.

I was told that a quilt needs to be dated, so I embroidered a quilt label with my favorite font from 6D, Georgia.
It was so much fun and I already have plans for my next quilt.