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creative icon™ 2

Machine Updates

UPDATE VERSION: Release 685 (7 July 2022)

In order to improve PFAFF® CREATIVE ICON™ 2, a firmware update has been developed. 
The upgrades and improvements are described below.
  • ICON2FW-2573 Show QR code to “Accessory Catalog” so that the user can open & print it in their phone/computer
  • ICON2FW-2278 There is "45°" button in projector grid options, but there is no "0°" button
  • ICON2FW-2717 Faking PSU temperature sensor: Implement for Icon2
  • ICON2FW-2729 Create release candidate 4 for public release 5
  • ICON2FW-2718 Create release candidate 3 for public release 5
  • ICON2FW-2707 Create release candidate 2 for public release 5
  • ICON2FW-2705 New set of project files for creative icon 2
  • ICON2FW-2698 Create release candidate 1 for public release 5
  • ICON2FW-2694 Disable hidden WiFi settings
  • ICON2FW-2693 A new version of creative icon 2 manual
  • ICON2FW-2692 New Lingvist files creative icon 2
  • ICON2FW-2682 Requesting a Clo. file for running embroidery continuously for ICON 2
  • ICON2FW-2674 Some texts in the help center do not fit in the Russian translation
  • ICON2FW-2666 Voice - Open parts of help center - Machine
  • ICON2FW-2660 Split the word "Stickvorgang" in German translations. It does not fit in the UI
  • ICON2FW-2651 Adjust exposure when opening camera calibration window
  • ICON2FW-2647 Firmware release 5 for creative icon 2 (FPF15902)
  • ICON2FW-2645 Compensate for 2mm fabric height when projecting in Embroidery Mode
  • ICON2FW-2643 Adjust visual appearance of camera calibration
  • ICON2FW-2634 Fine-tune automatic camera calibration
  • ICON2FW-2606 Refactor basting in Stitch-Out settings and revert removal of basting logic in APPStitchOut
  • ICON2FW-2599 New English Lingvist file to Tech Info
  • ICON2FW-2550 Status call in the API regarding the CEA/Ribbon foot - Machine
  • ICON2FW-2478 Hoop scanning should always use max brightness for LED work light
  • ICON2FW-2386 Add the missing P250_AccessoryNotSupportedPopup.qml
  • ICON2FW-2374 Change multi function foot control settings - Machine
  • ICON2FW-2371 Send design - Machine
  • ICON2FW-2368 Handle alarm using speech - Machine
  • ICON2FW-2366 Continue from saved state - Machine
  • ICON2FW-2148 Naming of Free Motion options and feet
  • ICON2FW-2591 Voice- manage and reply to pop-ups on the screen – Machine
  • ICON2FW-359 Support FR, DE, ES languages in database for builtin embroideries
Update file:

Note: The update file is very large (over 1 GB) and the download process might take several minutes.



  • Download the update firmware zip file. Unzip the file and copy the file (.clo) to a USB device. Note: Do not change the name of the file or do not copy the file into an existing folder on the USB device. Note: Make sure that there is no old firmware update file (. clo) on the USB stick when copying the new firmware update file (.clo). The file name is not unique. 
  • Make sure that the machine is turned off. Connect the USB device loaded with the new firmware version to a USB port on your machine. 
  • Press and hold the Reverse button, located on the front of the machine, and turn on your machine with the ON/OFF switch. Release the Reverse button when an update icon is shown on the screen. 
  • The firmware update will be verified and installed. The machine may restart several times during the update process. Do not turn off the machine. 
  • When the update is completed the machine will restart automatically. Check the software version number in Settings, Machine Information.