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Embellished Table Runner


Enhance your table with this elegant table runner that is embellished with a variety of techniques using the Circular Attachment.

Embellished table runner 600x560


PFAFF® sewing machine
Yarn Couching Feet set (820912096)
Three Hole Yarn Foot for IDT™ system (820920096)
Circular Attachment (821026096)
Couching/Braiding Foot for IDT™ system (820607096)
Twin Needle
Assorted yarns
Decorative thread
Fabric marking pen
Cotton fabric in four different colors
Medium weight quilt batting
Tear-Away Stabilizer

You can find more information about the different accessories in the PFAFF® on-line Accessory Catalogue.

  • Cut five 17“ (43cm) squares from your cotton fabrics. At least two of the squares should be the same color. Cut strip of lining fabric 17“ x 82“ (43 x 203cm). All seam allowances ½“.
  • Iron medium quilt batting to the backside of all five squares.
  • Mark the center of each square.
  • Draw two semicircles on three of the squares, using your fabric marking pen.
  • Place a layer of tear-away stabilizer under each square to support your stitching.
  • Try the different techniques on a scrap of fabric before starting to decorate the squares for the table runner


Squares 1 & 5

Choose yarn for the flower. Use the couching/braiding footfor IDT™ system together with the Circular Attachment templates to make a 93/8" (24cm) flower. For more information, see the instructions and CD that come with the
Circular Attachment.
Draw lines inside the flower with a fabric marking pen.
Embellish with the Yarn Couching Foot Set.
Place a MAXI monogram on one of the two squares.

Square 2

Thread your machine with regular sewing thread or decorative thread. Select a decorative stitch. Sew the two semicircles.

Square 3

Insert a twin needle into the machine and thread with two different threads. Select a decorative stitch. Sew the two semicircles.

Square 4


Press the individual squares from the backside to protect the stitching. Sew the squares together and press the seam allowances open. Place the pieced table runner and backing fabric right sides together. Stitch around all four sides,
leaving an opening 4“ (10cm) for turning.
Trim the seam allowance in the corners to reduce the bulk (see illustration).
Turn the right side out. Press. Topstitch the opening closed.