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creative icon™ 2

Machine Updates

UPDATE VERSION: Release 1017 (5 September 2023)

In order to improve PFAFF® CREATIVE ICON™ 2, a firmware update has been developed. 
The upgrades and improvements are described below.

PFAFF creative icon 2, Public Release 6

  • Hoop scanning: Improved placement
  • Hoop scanning: Ask for confirmation before calibrating 
  • Sequence Creator: Better command icon visibility 
  • Load stitches from USB memory stick 
  • Stitch Creator "preview" is now scrollable
  • MFFC: Added function Start/Stop 
  • Precise Positioning: Improved projection placement 
  • Presser Foot Recognition for optional feet 
  • Projection: Show selected color blocks 
  • Projection-related colors take effect immediately 
  • Embroidery unit is now parked when in Sewing 
  • Fixed broken search for built in designs 
  • General Improvements & Bug Fixes


PFAFF creative icon 2, Public Release 5 

  • Improved projection settings, fine-tuning and precision 
  • Improved camera fine-tuning 
  • Improved hoop scanning 
  • Updated translations 
  • User manual in all supported languages 
  • Added some project files - Some added voice commands 
  • Solved "Voice commands are sometimes lost" 
  • General Improvements & Bug Fixes


PFAFF creative icon 2, Public Release 4 

  • Improved hoop scanning 
  • Added projector calibration 
  • Working projection in Embroidery Stitch Out 
  • Improved Voice Control 
  • Improved Demo Mode 
  • General Improvements & Bug Fixes


PFAFF creative icon 2, Public Release 3 

  • Improved Hoop Scanning 
  • Improved Led Worklight


PFAFF creative icon 2, Public Release 2 

  • Hoop Scanning & Camera Calibration 
  • Improved Presser Foot Recognition 
  • Improved Demo Mode 
  • Improved Voice Control 
  • Improved support for Creative Embellishment Attachment 
  • General Improvements & Bug Fixes
Update file:

Note: The update file is very large (over 1 GB) and the download process might take several minutes.



  • Download the update firmware zip file. Unzip the file and copy the file (.clo) to a USB device. Note: Do not change the name of the file or do not copy the file into an existing folder on the USB device. Note: Make sure that there is no old firmware update file (. clo) on the USB stick when copying the new firmware update file (.clo). The file name is not unique. 
  • Make sure that the machine is turned off. Connect the USB device loaded with the new firmware version to a USB port on your machine. 
  • Press and hold the Reverse button, located on the front of the machine, and turn on your machine with the ON/OFF switch. Release the Reverse button when an update icon is shown on the screen. 
  • The firmware update will be verified and installed. The machine may restart several times during the update process. Do not turn off the machine. 
  • When the update is completed the machine will restart automatically. Check the software version number in Settings, Machine Information.