Love Bag

Publicado por Carina Thavelin

I am always carrying stuff with me, lunch box, pocket book, sewing projects, you name it!

Sewing a tote bag is quick and easy project that help you do it in style. It is also better for the environment if you bring a bag to the store to carry your groceries rather than buying a plastic one.

Here is one of my favorites; it’s a black denim bag with embroidered text.

The text is the explanation for the word love from an English dictionary. I used the embroidery software to create it. The font is Clarendon 12-30mm. I used the Morphing function Skew horizontal in the Stitch Editor module to create the Italic style on the word synonyms.

Do you want to create your own Love bag? Here is the embroidery file as a free download!

Love bag

Hope you like it!



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